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Eloise Viola continues to forge her path as one of the hottest artists in the pop scene with her latest single ‘'Monster In My Bed'.

The synth-rich, 80s style bop is a catchy, fiery pop track that sees Eloise’s rich, powerful vocal tone over the top of a nostalgic feeling production.

"We live in a world where we are bombarded by images of beautiful people, most of which have had surgery, retouch and edit their photos, which often leads to us comparing ourselves negatively.


'Monster In My Bed’ is a song about the voice of self-doubt, telling you that you’re not good enough. In my own journey with self-love and my body image started with learning to challenge and overcome the negative thoughts and beliefs that pop into my head, and learning what you can and can't control. This song is about that struggle, and telling that voice, I hear you but "I am in control". It highlights the importance of knowing that the way you speak to yourself is important."




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Combining a hard-working attitude with raw talent, Eloise has all the ingredients to make the world take notice. Eloise has grown her fanbase worldwide, performing on a UK wide tour accompanied by a full regional radio tour, resulting in a huge increase in airplay support and streams (currently edging towards the 10 million streams Mark)

Her releases have been supported by Billboard, Wonderland, Clash Magazine, Popdust, Euphoria Magazine and plenty more key industry tastemakers. On the airwaves, BBC Introducing, Fubar Radio and BBC London have been key supporters of the journey so far, leading to her first sold out show in London, as well as completing her first live dates in the U.S. Her inquisitive and passionate nature, soon lead to a deep interest in psychology.


Her passion for the field led to an understanding of how airbrushing, filtering and the rise of instagram influencer culture was having an effect on her mental health, particularly in respect of her body image and self-esteem. She worked hard to overcome this and now has become a Body Confidence advocate, using her platform and her self-love anthems and working with brands promote body confidence, no retouching and not being afraid to say what you want

2021 sees Eloise performing her EP 'Self Talk', on tour with Lawson at the end of the year, including much awaited track 'Trying To Love Ya', with a headline show in Camden Assembly February 2022.


"Fierce slow-burning hook, Viola’s vocals burst through on the anthemic chorus, showcasing her vocal prowess and ability."


 "What You Gunna Do" Is another sleek pop gem with an added sense of resilience. Her voice is the star, taking center stage throughout. Showcasing her incredible vocal range….the song is a defiant anthem" 


“Eloise Viola is bound to become a name you’ll recognise in the future”


“Eloise Viola's Dua Lipa-esque vocal lifts and falls throughout the track’s verses.”


“A savvy, pop-centric, hook laden banger that tears down the barriers” - 







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Eloise performing at London's o2 Shepherd's Bush November 2021

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